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STOP your money and energy going out the window!

Heating and cooling contribute to 40% of the household energy use in Australia. While most of the energy is lost through windows and doors, our windows and doors stop the heat transfer by around 60% or more. You can stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer while using a lot less gas and electricity. But not only that, our windows also insulate interiors from sounds of up to 40dB, perfect for busy streets or noisy neighbours.

Very low maintenance is required which also adds to savings in long the term. uPVC profiles never have to be painted, they will not corrode, rot or peel and are safe against termites.

With a Bushfire Attack Level rating of BAL-29 our uPVC profiles do not burn easily and they self-extinguish once the source of fire is removed.

Our windows and doors are made using top quality REHAU uPVC profiles designed especially for the Australasian climate. They are durable, stylish and ingenious, and we compliment them with exactly the same durable and ingenious hardware.

All the doors and windows have multiple locking points for improved security. Rubber and brush seals for insulation.

With Tuka PVC windows you are able to achieve and exceed council requirements for u-Values and SHGC with ease.


Here are just some of the styles of windows and doors that we manufacture:


Sliding windows and doors are very simple to use and are incredibly functional. The rollers we use in our sliding systems are of exceptional quality which you can feel instantly once you move the window/door.



Whether you are after a single opening, double opening (French), single/fixed combination, open in or out, casement doors and windows are very popular and efficient opening system. Once closed this style seals the whole perimeter with two rubber gaskets for maximum protection from the elements.


Tilt and Turn

Easy cleaning in turn position and practical for natural ventilation in tilt position. It’s a two in one window or door designed to provide effective ventilation without uncomfortable draft. This type of opening will improve the indoor air quality of your home.


Awning Window

Since this type of window is top hung, the handles are always at the bottom. This allows the window to be placed higher in the walls therefore providing more natural light and ventilation without compromising the privacy. Because of their design, most of the time they can stay open in the rain allowing ventilation yet without risk of water entering your home.



Doors and windows that open by folding in sections to bringing the outdoors into your home. Perfect for wide openings to backyard where you literally fold away the barrier between indoor and outdoor.


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