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TUKA PVC is a family owned and operated PVC system business based in Sydney, Australia. We specialise in the production of high quality and affordable windows and doors – all made from sustainable, European standard PVC technology.


PVC is the way of the future in the world of window and door manufacturing. In Europe, already more than 40% of all window profiles are made from PVC. PVC has a number of advantages over traditional materials such as wood and aluminium.

-          Keeps you cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter – heat & cold do not transmit through PVC

-          Greater toughness and durability

-          Requires less maintenance – it does not rot, peel or corrode

-          Safe against termites

-          Dust particles and pollen are kept to a minimum

-          Acoustic benefits – more effective at keeping sound out

-          Cost effective

-          Minimal manufacturing times

-          Comes in a wide range of styles and colours


-     Galvanized steel reinforces

-     High quality gaskets keeps out moisture

-     Chamber profile insulates

-     Slick, rounded edges impress


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